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What is Industries of the Future - West Virginia?

Industries of the Future – West Virginia (IOF-WV) – is West Virginia’s industrial energy efficiency program. IOF-WV was the nation’s first state-level program to help manufacturers create financial savings through energy efficiency and was the model for more than 20 other state IOF programs nationwide. IOF-WV is a partnership program with the goal to save energy, reduce waste, and improve productivity in the country’s most energy-intensive industries. IOF-WV teams work with companies to assess high priority research needs and develop projects that improve energy efficiency and environmental performance.


  • Is a Save Energy Now program partner with the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Engages University research groups in innovative partnership projects to improve energy efficiency and environmental sustainability
  • Conducts energy assessments, in partnership with the WVU Industrial Assessment Center, that maximize energy efficiency, reduce waste and improve productivity
  • Provides technical assistance and information on energy efficiency vendors to companies implementing energy savings recommendations
  • Conducts innovative faculty-developed training programs and sponsors U.S. DOE BestPractices workshops on system-wide and component-specific topics to teach employees how to run plants more efficiently
  • Provides information to industry about energy efficiency through annual symposia, project meetings, websites, and the monthly newsletter, IOF-WV UpDate

Announcing the Third Annual TransTech Energy Business Development Conference

TransTechThe Conference is dedicated to identifying and promoting investment in start-up TransTech Energy (TTE) companies and commercializable projects that have promise for creating new jobs, providing benefits to existing companies, and producing opportunities for advanced manufacturing


SAVE THE DATE! - November 11-12, 2014 in Morgantown, WV - SAVE THE DATE!

Examples of TransTech Energy Technologies include:

  • Hybrid renewable/fossil energy systems, chemical feedstocks, and fuels
  • Recovery and utilization of waste heat, waste pressure drops, and flared gases, i.e., energy recycling
  • Downstream uses of shale gas and gas well-derived products
  • Industrial and building energy management and efficiency assessment
  • Combined heat and power
  • Advanced materials for efficient production and use of energy
  • Fusion sensors and control systems
  • Low and no-carbon power generation
  • Electrochemical energy storage and production
  • Productive uses of CO2
  • Eco Industrial Cluster strategies and implementations
  • Alternative fuels – biofuels, CNG, LNG, hydrogen, and propane

Upcoming Special Events

  • WEBINAR ARCHIVES: Accelerating Energy Efficiency Series sponsored by the Energy Center of Wisconsin, is available for viewing. This series of free webinars is their effort to promote efficiency as our nation's first energy resource. Click here to view webinar titles.
  • WEBINAR ARCHIVES: PNM Business Energy Efficiency Series sponsored by PNM, is available to the general public. These webinars are designed to help businesses reduce enrgy use and save money on energy bills. Click here to view webinar titles.
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